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Who Should Shred?

There are now myriad laws and legislation regulating the proper destruction of personal data, whether paper or digital. The best way to steer clear of any compliance or legal issues is to take care to make document destruction part of your businesses standard practice. Doing so will go a long way to alleviating any possible exposure you may face for not following legal requirements.
Below are just a few of the industries impacted by such laws. There are many, many more, however, as some legislation such as FACTA impacts virtually every person and business in the United States.

Healthcare Industry

Medical records are extremely sensitive and personal and must be properly disposed of in order to be compliant with current legislation. Other materials for health care related entities may include prescription information and other digitally stored data.

Government Agencies

Even the Government is not exempt from its own regulations. Our shredders meet the most stringent standards at both the state and federal level.

Legal Professionals

Our services ensure that your client’s privacy rights are fully protected. Sensitive files and other documents are safely and permanently destroyed.

Financial Industry

Whether you’re a banker, an accountant or a financial advisor, your client’s personal information is your legal liability. FACTA requires that all forms of personal data, both paper and digital, be disposed of according to their guidelines.

Small Businesses

You don’t have to be a big business to afford industrial strength document destruction. Why take hours shredding manually on your office machine when you can have the pros come and do it in just minutes? If you require regular document destruction, we’ll provide you with a secure container and make your life even easier with scheduled weekly, bi-weekly or monthly pick ups. What could be easier?

Home Office

If you’re business is a one person show, you may spend many months acquiring material before it’s ready for permanent destruction. If that’s the case, then simply call Absolute Secured Shredding for a one-time purge of all sensitive or confidential documents. It’s easy, fast and affordable.


Shredding isn’t only for businesses. You may have mounds of your own personal documents such as bank statements, old tax returns, medical records, old checkbooks, or any number of papers that require safe and secure disposal. Call ASSI for a quick, convenient purge of everything you don’t want falling into the wrong hands.


Stay in compliance with your state and federal agencies by taking care to properly eliminate your employees sensitive personal information. ID theft is the fastest growing crime in the country and shredding is one of the most effective means of minimizing the threat to your valued employees.

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